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 Verdun - PC game

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Verdun - PC game Empty
PostSubject: Verdun - PC game   Verdun - PC game EmptyMon Jun 13, 2016 10:36 am

Hey guys,

I've been enjoying playing Verdun, a WW1 FPS - trench style warfare game (multiplayer only).

Weaponry is generally quite basic: starting with bolt-action iron sights but single shot kills make up for this. There are many many squad types based on the various allied vs central countries; each slot within the 4-man squad has a different role and therefore access to different weaponry and various unlocks.

You might be an officer calling in arty strikes, a demolition expert, a rifleman, sniper, MG gunner, trench specialist.

The maps are fun to play and the terrain is certainly testing and forces you to strategise your attack or defence.

You might decide to take a trench via en masse or take a staged approach (assisting with positional team respawn) or use the terrain to sneak up unnoticed (hopefully) then cause havoc clearing the enemy trench for the rest of your team to advance. Snipers and MG gunners will definitely force you to use the terrain to conceal as much as possible your advance otherwise become fodder.

The team that can withstand the enemy attack, then counter, take and hold enemy territory over 3 or so zones will win the game. Games can last up to 40 minutes.

If you lose territory to the enemy attack, the game forces you to retreat to the previous line of defence within a certain timeframe otherwise you are summarily executed by the game as a deserter. Same if you try and advance beyond territory what you objectively have to take and hold.

Anyways if you guys are interested, the game is about $35 on Steam. Add me on Steam: Gamble_LLD and we're good to go.

Further info at:

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Verdun - PC game Empty
PostSubject: Re: Verdun - PC game   Verdun - PC game EmptyThu Jul 14, 2016 8:21 pm

Sorry gamble, I just saw this post. Ill be honest there is no way i am touching that game.
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Verdun - PC game
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